Class of 2016 Conquers DC-For A Day

Rebecca Senora

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     On April 25, 2016, Benedictine Academy senior class will take over Washington D.C., but this time the trip will be different from previous years, when the trip was originally for three days. The Washington DC trip is a trip that only the senior class goes on as a way of rewarding them on their accomplishment of graduating. For several years, BA has had a anonymous donor that has financially supported and covered all the expenses of the trip to DC. But due to the recent passing away of this donor, there has been several changes to this trip.

The original plans for the DC trip has drastically changed for the class of 2016. In the previous years, the trip occurred over the course of three days. The senior class along with their moderators which are Ms. Branco, Mr. Carey, Ms. Powell and Ms. Paul stayed overnight at a hotel in Washington DC and woke up early in the morning to go out and visit their sites. Among their sites, were the Lincoln,Jefferson and Washington monument, National Museum of Natural History and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and many more historical sights. The trip was educational and full of entertaining sights at the same time. It gave students a deep appreciation for the United States and was a chance for students to create a bond surrounded by a different environment.

Now for the year 2016, the trip will be modified. Instead of going to DC for three days, the seniors will go to DC for one whole day. The trip will begin at 5:00 AM on April 25th and the students and moderators will not return to BA until 11:00 PM. This is the way the trip had to be planned because BA will not be to cover the expenses over the course of three days. Also, because of this, there will be sights that the previous class were able to see, that the class of 2016 will not be able to see. There just will not be enough time in the day to get to everything.

Because this affects the senior class, two of the seniors were interviewed on their thoughts of these changes. The first one, Vania Walker, expressed that she understood the reason for the changes, but she still felt like she was being “cheated” on seeing the sights. “I just feel like everything will be so rushed, that we won’t even be able to take anything in or even appreciate anything historical. And isn’t that the entire point for the trip?” Although she is happy to go, she just doesn’t understand how it will benefit the senior class due to the short amount of time. She even suggested that a gofundme page might even be an option to consider in order to keep the three day trip going. After suggesting this, she continued on to say, “The DC trip is actually a trip meant for three days. But now were trying to fit all the sights and monument that were spread out for three days, were trying to squeeze them all into one day.How is that possible? It’s not.”

The second senior, Victoria Batista, had similar views on the subject like Vania. But she is not sure if a fundraiser will help at this point because the date for the trip is rapidly approaching. Even with that being said, Victoria still feels like it is worth a shot to try. She had a thoughtful expression on her face as she said, “I mean BA is really going out of their way to fund this trip for us, and although I am looking forward to this trip, I just don’t see how we won’t be in a hurry. We’ll probably be at each site for like twenty minutes and then it’s on to the next one.” Victoria wishes that the trip was for three days that way each student will get a better understanding of the historical sites. “The sites that we are going to see are the same sites we’ve discussed for like the past twelve or so years of our life in our history classes. They are sites that have a rich meaning to America.”

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Class of 2016 Conquers DC-For A Day