Victory for the Dakota Pipeline

Sarah Flores, Student Journalist

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The amount of news coverage the North Dakota Pipeline situation was getting there still might be people who don’t entirely know what it is.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a crude oil delivery pipeline running from Bakken, North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. However, protesters have set back the construction due to protesting. The protestors call themselves the “Water Protesters” and believe that the construction infringes on Native American land and that they don’t want to be responsible for any damage if the pipe were to burst in their only water source. For weeks, protesters were abused and attacked violently by the government. Thankfully, a few weeks the government has decided to reroute the construction of the pipeline making the protestors and supporters to sigh with relief.

Protesters weren’t the only ones who were angry with the treatment they were receiving. Senior Abigail Bateau expressed that “violence is never the answer. We’ve seen that with so much already that it hasn’t done anything.  They have to push the government for it continue to voice out, make petitions and grab the government’s attention which it has”.

When they were told the news of the rerouting many supporters had similar reactions. Senior Laura Bocanegra said, “Even though the pipeline had no direct effect on my life it was still something I tried to keep up with. The outcome would show whether the government does listen to its citizens.”

Some may say a factor of this problem from the beginning was President Obama for not meeting initially with indigenous spiritual leaders during his presidential campaign therefore not knowing the situation of the Natives. Senior Bryanna Henderson sees both sides of the spectrum saying “He doesn’t have much time left as President and probably doesn’t want to get too involved in something he will not be able to continue” but also feels “that should give him even more of a reason to want to help. It’s one of the last chances he has to make a lasting impact”.


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Victory for the Dakota Pipeline