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Laeuna Chisolm, Student Journalist

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The music, the food, and the dancing is what attracted the faithful goers, and first timers to what is called Latino Night. The Spanish club threw their annual Latino Night on December 3rd and it was a blast to some and something to just vibe with for others.

There were many freshman, such as Sabrina Reves. She was able to attend for the first with a couple of her friends. When asked what she thought about the dance she said, “it was really good. The food was good and I liked the music.” She was also asked about how diverse she thought the dance was and she commented, “I mean there was a lot of Spanish music which is appropriate because it was a Latino night but I liked the fact that they played a Portuguese song and everyone got up and danced and they played the usual dance party songs.”

There were also first time Seniors who attended, such as Adwoa Akyeansah and Kaya Mosley. Adwoa stated, “She thought that Latino Night was “okay, but she wished the music was more diverse so that other people could enjoy the night also.” However, Adwoa also thought that a highlight to the night was the food.

There were also students, like Abigail Bateau, who have been going to Latino Night faithfully since freshman year to her present senior year. Being that Abigail is partly Hispanic, she stated, “It’s really fun, it’s a way that I can become closer to my heritage and help others learn too.” She was able to comment on this year’s dance compared to previous Latino Nights by saying, “I feel like the last Latino night was better because there were more people especially since I was friends with seniors which are now freshman in college and all my friends that are now in college couldn’t come but I made the best of it.”

At the dance they played the Bachata, salsa, a little merengue and also American music played here and there by various artist. The that was served at Latino Night ranged from pernil (pork) to chicken tenders. There was ziti, empanadas, mini cinnamon doughnuts, cupcakes and wonderful amount of chocolate on the tables. Throughout the night it was obvious that the Spanish club took their time planning and actually creating the night that many students from BA, St. Benedict’s Prep School, and other various schools spent the dancing and eating the night away.

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